Join the Vaccinated to Get Out the Vaccine to Black, Brown, and immigrant communities.

The pandemic is not over.

COVID has taken too much from us. We’ve lost loved ones. It’s created instability, turning our lives upside down. Several of us will suffer from long term health effects because of COVID. Let’s stop COVID from robbing anymore of our time from our friends and families. Let’s get our loved ones vaccinated.

Unvaccinated people are more than 3x as likely to get re-infected than vaccinated people, and COVID is way tougher on the unvaccinated. Without the vaccine, your risk of getting sick and dying from COVID is 31x higher than fully vaccinated people, who’ve gotten two shots and their booster. The unvaccinated account for 99.98% of COVID deaths.

Nationwide, African Americans make up only 12 percent of the people who have been vaccinated.

GOTVax is leading one of the most aggressive vaccine outreach campaigns to ensure Black, Brown, and immigrant communities are vaccinated.

The GOTVax Approach

Leverage proven electoral and organizing strategies to ensure vaccine equity.

Confront Hesitancy Head On.

Directly engaging people’s questions and distrust
Work from the presumption that everyone is on the “Path to Yes”
Create access to vaccines where it is most convenient for the people that need them the most
Identify and Activate trusted messengers to increase vaccination reach in communities